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The Millies proudly represent the City of Saint John. Their goal is to provide fun, family entertainment and to also be positive role models in the community. Anessa Loatman, Team Coordinator/Choreographer, and Vanessa Polley, Team Captain/Choreographer, work closely together to bring a variety of styles of dance and music for the Mill Rat Games!

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Twitter: @SJMillRatsDance

Facebook: Saint John Mill Rats Dance Team

Instagram: MilliesDanceTeam

YouTube: SJ Millies . #LiveLifeUptown

Get to Know Your Millies Dancers!

Occupation: Freelance Promotions and Marketing
Education: UNB - Bachelor of Arts, Double Major English & History
Hidden Talent: Voice Impressions
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Being chosen to compete in the Dance Quest Odyssey for my tap solo.
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Learning Choreography and then performing it!
Worst habit: Control freak
Occupation: Barista for Java Moose at Saint John City Market
Education: Currently a student at UNBSJ
Hidden Talent: I could pass for a masseuse
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Too many memorable dance experiences to only choose one. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for dancing with my friends and family.
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Being able to share this experience with my best friends
Worst habit: I make really strange facial movements and I play with my nose ring too much.
Occupation: Swing Manager at McDonalds
Education: Hampton High School 2011
Hidden Talent: I can rip apples in half
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Winning the cup in the Cape Breton competition
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Signing autographs at the end of the game
Worst habit: Biting my nails
Occupation: Salon Manager/Aesthetician
Education: Majestany Institute
Hidden Talent: Singing Shania karaoke
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Dancing with the Miracles Dancers and Weather Girls last year during our All-Star Weekend at Harbour Station. Even though we dance for other teams, we support each other as dancers, We had such a great time!
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Signing autographs at the end of the games. Seeing all our mini fans really warms my heart.
Worst habit: Speaking before I's an honest mistake!
Occupation: Full time student and part time home care worker for Senior Watch
Education: Currently in 4th year of Bachelor of Nursing Program
Hidden Talent: Cooking! I love to cook.
Favorite Dance Related Experience: My favorite dance experience was going away to New Yor for a week long dance competition, and doing workshops with dance choreographer there.
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Best thing about being a Millie is the team, it is a second fam...a Millie fam!
Worst habit: Biting my nails
Occupation: Aesthetician and Salon Owner
Education: Majestany Institute
Hidden Talent: I can knit a mean dish cloth
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Getting to travel a lot with dance when I was younger, the hustle and bustle of competittion and all the cool costumes!
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Being a part of this wonderful family and getting to dance regularly
Worst habit: Leaving my tea bags in the sink.
Occupation: Teacher
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education
Hidden Talent: Story writing
Favorite Dance Related Experience: Cheerleading Nationals with the NB All Stars
Best thing about being on the Dance Team: Performing fun choreography with a fabulous team
Worst habit: fidgeting

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